How to NEVER be without a job. How to NEVER be without an income. How to be successful in any job, in any economy.

Show up! 80% of success is just showing up. Do your very best to not miss ONE single day of work for the first year of your employment. NOT ONE! This sets an amazing precedence for the kind of person you are and establishes your work ethic. Unless there are extreme circumstances do your best to be at work everyday. This one principle will make you shine. Quit making excuses to stay home and start making excuses to get to work. Regardless of where you work or who you work for, this principle remains the same.

ALWAYS show up a little early and stay a little late. Create a reputation around your work ethic. Be known as somebody who is committed to success. Be hard, if not impossible to compete with. Become absolutely determined to be the best on your team.

ALWAYS do more than you are paid for. If you make $15 per hour today and would like to make $20 per hour then work like a $20 an hour person TODAY. The guy who says “it’s not my job” or “I don’t get paid enough to do that” or “I’ll do that if I get a raise.” is the guy who will struggle for the rest of his life. That is a loser mentality and no company on planet earth wants a person like that working for them. DON’T be that guy. ALWAYS go the extra mile. Be the guy who can be counted on to always do more than is expected out of him. You will be a hero in the eyes of the person who signs your paycheck and he will move heaven and earth to ensure he keeps you. You will never have to ask for a raise because these people get them without asking. They get them because their bosses know they MUST give them raises in order to keep them. I promise you; if you are the guy who makes the negative kinds of statements listed above, you will go nowhere with your life and you will constantly be blaming everyone around you, your boss, the company and the economy because of your lack of paycheck and low pay. Don’t be that person. Be the person who does more than he is paid for because it’s a part of who you are. You do it for you! Not for your boss, not for the company, but because it’s who you are. It all comes together. Life works it out. You will eventually make it to the top.

NEVER complain. When I was a kid, my mother told me, “If you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem”. If you bring a problem to your supervisor or company, be prepared to have a solution ready at the same time. The guy who brings the problems with no solutions is the first guy to go when it’s time to make cuts. Your boss quivers every time that person walks through the door because he is expecting bad news from you. Be the guy who is a problem solver, not the guy who complains about everything. Be the guy who makes your superior and teammates sleep good at night because they feel so good knowing they have somebody on the team who always gets it done; somebody who brings issues only AFTER a solution has already been thought of.

If you apply these four easy steps to your daily routine, life will deliver in grand style!