To be a company of excellence, you must first have employees of excellence! If we are going to experience extraordinary results, we must make a quality daily decision to pursue a standard of excellence in every area of our business, in every area of our job and in every area of our life!

Being the Best in Every Area – Establishing Your Character!
What is character? Your character is the degree to which you live your life consistent with high, life-enhancing values; values that represent honorable, courageous, compassionate and ethical attributes. A person who lacks character is one who compromises on higher standards in favor of lower values, or who has no values at all. One of the absolute keys to your success in life, in business, in your job, in your relationships, is a resolute decision to act in a way that represents good character. Your adherence to what you believe to be right and true is the real measure of the person you have become at this moment in your life.

Make a firm decision to be a person of excellence!

Excellence is knowing that being good or just average isn’t going to cut it.

Excellence is not a matter of ability or knowledge. Excellence is simply a choice. You’re not born with it; you make a conscious decision to apply it to your life each and every day.

Excellence is performing at a standard that is higher than what we performed at previously, performance that defies old limits.

We can’t shoot for average. The world doesn’t pay for average. It never has and it never will. If you want more out of life, more out of your job, a bigger paycheck, a healthier lifestyle, you absolutely must apply excellence to your life.  It’s a critical key component in moving higher in life.

Excellence is not perfection. Nobody is perfect. We all have faults and occasionally fail. However, we can make a daily conscious decision to try to get better; to be better today than I was yesterday.

If we can be excellent here and now, we’re going to move up. We’re going to advance. If we can pass the test today, where we are at this moment in our life, we can be promoted. There is a lot of competition out there. In order to be promoted, we must be people of excellence. It’s the only way.

You have to say this to yourself… “When the team succeeds…I succeed; when the team is successful…I am successful; when the team is rich…I am rich; when the team is promoted…I am promoted!! None of this can happen if I am average. I must walk, talk, act, think, work and live with a spirit of excellence.”

Decide exactly what excellence means to you! Your definition of excellence could be…

Excellence means that I set the highest standards for myself in everything I do.

I do my very best in every situation and under all circumstances.

I constantly strive to be better in my work, and as a person in my relationships. I recognize that excellence is a life-long journey and I work every day to become better and better in everything I do.